5 Things You Can Do On The Dance Floor That Other Guys Don't

5 Things You Can Do On The Dance Floor That Other Guys Don't

Dancing generic will get you, well ... generic results.  Your night out will be like all the other unmemorable nights out.  Unless you're a rockstar, you can make your club/lounge/bar/wedding experience much better for you and everyone around you with some  fun moves.  You'll need to muster a bit more confidence than usual, so leave your ego at home, and go out with a fun party attitude in mind.


This is taken from my locking background (see our program here).  Locking is a style of funk dance dating back to the 70's that's be revitalized and modernized thanks in part to dance TV shows and dance crews re-embracing it.  Pointing is a fundamental basic move.  Try it.  Point a little.  Then point a lot.  Point in all different directions.  Point at girls you like.

There is some technique involved to pointing.  To give it a funkier/disco look, start by pointing at your opposite shoulder (e.g. right finger touching left shoulder) and then point out.  Also, so you don't come off as a creepy guy pointing at people, you actually have to be pointing while dancing.  Ease into pointing by doing it in funk or funk-influenced songs (there are a LOT - for example, American Boy by Estelle/Kanye West, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley).

Hip Bumps

Another disco inspired move, hip bumping is a lot of fun.  It's a tried, tested, and true move I can attest to.  Rhythm is really important though.  Otherwise, it will feel off and hips won't bump. If rhythm is an issue for you, then get it dialed with my beginner lessons (upcoming) before trying this.  Start by bumping every second beat.  The first few bumps may be off, but after around 10, you should have a good rhythm with whoever you're bumping with.  Then move onto alternating your hips with each bump!


Not just any normal claps -  I'm talking about the big hands-up-in-the-air kind of clapping.  This always identifies someone in a good mood.


Girls turn all the time.  They love it.  Turning the girls properly is a whole larger issue, but I'd like to talk about men turning.  Outside the Latin clubs, turning solo requires a heap of confidence - you're either getting down to breakbeats or a really good dancer.  For most guys, I recommend you reserve your turning when you're dancing with a girl.

Try this next time: After you turn a girl, keep your hand up and make a right turn after. Once you find that fun, then maybe it's time to check our partnering programs for some amazing combos.

Body Rolls/Waves

If you've never done a body, this one's a toughy.   My best recommendation is to practice in front of a mirror.  I plan on covering this in an intermediate lesson.  Don't cheese it out by doing it too many times  - otherwise, you're doing an early 90's move known as "the snake". The body roll is covered extensively in our EDM dance programs.