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This is a throwback dance video I filmed WAAAAY back in... well, let's just say it's before there was daytime electricity, hot air balloons, ATMs, e-bikes, internet, western chains, and AIR CONDITIONING in Myanmar! I wasn't a vlogger then and just made a bunch of dance clips not sure how they'd all go together, but now with the help of some sweet tunes, I'm able to come up with this montage video.  Enjoy! The dance moves are mostly a mix of contemporary, salsa, a bit of locking, and K-Pop even though the song is more slow tempo EDM, which would...

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Dear Friends, I'm off to no good again with this dance instructional video! I hope you don't mind the more casual tone of this tutorial - I confess, I felt a little restricted in the ways I was making videos before, and felt this style motivates me much more. I hope you don't mind that my pug Bobby is in this video - he just felt like he had to be there! So in this first of three dance tutorials, I'll be teaching you how a move I named the Avicii Spin. Avicii passed away tragically, and in celebration of...

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In today's lesson, we're going to learn how to do the Fresh Dance from Fortnite, which is also known as the Carlton Dance from the 90's sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's a fairly complicated dance move, so we'll start with a beginner's version before adding more subtle movement in intermediate and advanced variations! Oh, and here's a little something from my travel vlog you might like!

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  Today's lesson builds on the previous Havana dance lesson for beginners, and I show you some fun (and eye-catching) variations on the cha-cha sidestep. This includes the open break (1:26), cha-cha side step with movement (5:41), and the cha-cha slide (12:15). We'll go through each of the moves individually and slowly. And I'll then show them all facing away from the camera (18:00). Once you're ready, we can move onto the dance practices in another video (coming soon)!  

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Dance practice at 8:29 Orange Justice is actually an awesome, funky dance move that works in real life! In this first slowed-down lesson for beginners, we loosen up our hips, and do an Orange Justice dance tutorial before I show you some hand movements, fun bonus variations, and other boogie down moves to complete a full dance. We finish with a mirrored dance practice to a song. I'll revisit Orange Justice in another lesson where we'll learn the advanced concepts of the dance.  

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